Home ownership - the American dream.

We work to pay our bills, provide a home for our families and build a nest-egg for the future. The biggest chunk of our paycheck goes to pay for our home.  As homeowners, we share the same monthly financial responsiblities. As citizens, we share a similar dream.

Along the way, things happen - finaces change, realtionships move in a differnet direction, whatever... life happens. And that's when we can become most vulernable.

When changes occur, understand this is a normal part of life. What is abnormal and in many cases illegal, is predatory action against the home you have worked so hard to build. Take some time to become famliiar with the methods used to seperate you from your home.

 Use this website to your advantage. Please don't be fooled by property scams!

More than 323,000 properties entered some state of foreclosure in the first quarter of 2006, a 72% increase over the same period a year ago, according to industry figures. And things could get worse: Nationwide, more than one in three outstanding mortgages has an adjustable rate and interest rates have been rising. It's impossible to read the future, but adjustable mortgages and rising interest rates will likely put many homeowners at risk of foreclosure and becoming a vicitm of a property scam.

Take the time to read and understand some of the scams proprty thiefs are using in today's real estate market.